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Shadyrill Farm Barn Wedding Venue Hildebrandt

The Hildebrandt Family

The original homestead was built by the Hildebrandt family in the early 1800’s. The buildings consisted of the three-story farm house, barn and a small tenant house. In 1900, Hildebrandt would build a large bank barn that would hold up to 6,000 bales of hay on the main floor. The farming operation would create a stone wall 1500 feet long, 10 feet wide and 5 feet high, separating the farm field from the large forest.

Shadyrill Farm Barn Wedding Venue Governor John S. Fine

Governor John S. Fine's Dairy Farm

In 1950, Pa Governor, John S. Fine purchased the farm and surrounding land and built his retirement home at the top of the hill. Governor Fine had a vision of creating a showplace farm with a Blue Ribbon Dairy herd. Govenrnor Fine added a basement to the bank barn for milking the dairy herd daily. He spared no expenses, utilizing native Cherry wood to construct the 30 stalls, walls and support beams.

Shadyrill Farm Barn Wedding Venue Robert Ciravolo

Robert Ciravolo - New Owner

In 1978, Robert and Janet Ciravolo purchased Shadyrill Farm from Governor Fine along with 23 acres. Robert Ciravolo came from a construction background with 30 years of drywall finishing under his belt. He would slowly start renovating the farm house for his family adding new heating, windows, bathrooms, kitchen and roofing. He would also start farming, planting peach and apple orchards along with vegetables and selling the produce from a table in the front yard.

Shadyrill Farm Barn Wedding Venue Cafe and Bakery

Shadyrill Farm Cafe and Bakery

In 2008, the large barn’s main floor was renovated into a barn cafe, bakery and gift shop. Rough-cut lumber was utilized to create a rustic and warm atmosphere while keeping the original barn ambience. New heating and insulation was added in order to stay open in the winter months. Shadyrill farm served breakfast, lunch and desserts for many years opereated by Janet Ciravolo and daughter Karen.

Shadyrill Farm Barn Wedding Venue tables

Wedding Barn Venue

In 2014, the barn cafe and bakery would close, but the beautiful farm would not be forgotten.

In 2016, Robert and Janet decided to use their facility as a wedding venue. The beautiful farm scenery and large barn with open floor plan creates an unforgettable wedding event.

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